Velocity Measurement System

At  Zeonics Systech we  have  been  involved  in several Ballistic Programs  for measuring velocity of Projectiles flying from a wide variety  of muzzles of Guns, Automatic  Weapons etc.  We have a standard system of  measuring the  velocity  by using a Non contact based system which incorporate Infra Red  Laser  Diodes  in  their  start  and stop windows. These diodes form a  start  and  stop  curtains of the regular  diameter which is obstructed by the flying  object  and  the reading are available on counts.  There is a standard chart available  of  counts to velocity in meters / Second. This equipment is available in two parts that is velocity head and counter system. The velocity head  contains  of  all   the optics and Electro optics hardware. The machine can be selected in the following method.   


              X -  Velocity in mtrs / sec.   
              Y-  Object diameter in mm 

For Broad classification we make VMS up to a maximum velocity of  3000 meters/second and a minimum object diameter of 5mm to maximum diameter of 250mm .  For  objects  of  specific materials please contact us directly for proper guidance.  

Large diameter-250mm 
velocity measurement system

Kindly contact us for specific requirement