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High Voltage Isolation Transformers

INTRODUCTION : Due to the continous Inhouse requirement of large Quantity of Isolation Transformers. We decided to manufacture these Transformers inhouse 6 years back and so far have never looked back. We have been manufacturing several type of Transformers with CRGO / CRNO Cores, Torroid Cores, E & I Cores and other associated Transformer hardwares. We specialise in Moulded Transformers with very High Voltage Insulation Systems.

Standard Transformers :- A range of standard Transformers are available with us. Standard Transformers upto 5KVA and a range of D.C. Isolation Voltage are available. 

Type No Pri V Sec V Power VA Typical N/L to F/L Regulation Range of Isolation Voltage in D.C Leakage Current Pri to Sec Leakage Current Sec to Core
IT/220/300 220V 220V 300 8% 5KV TO 400KV <50micro Amps <50micro Amps
IT/220/500 220V 220V 500 8% 5KV TO 400KV <50micro Amps <50micro Amps
IT/220/1000 220V 220V 1000 8% 5KV TO 400KV <50micro Amps <50micro Amps
IT/220/1500 220V 220V 1500 8% 5KV TO 400KV <50micro Amps <50micro Amps
IT/220/2000 220V 220V 2000 8% 5KV TO 400KV <50micro Amps <50micro Amps
IT/220/3000 220V 220V 3000 10% 5KV TO 400KV <50micro Amps <50micro Amps
IT/220/4000 220V 220V 4000 10% 5KV TO 400KV <50micro Amps <50micro Amps
IT/220/5000 220V 220V 5000 10% 5KV TO 400KV <50micro Amps <50micro Amps

Special Transformers are as follows:-

Primary     :- 0 to 1000Volts (Voltage of your choice)
Secondary :- 0 to 2000Volts (Voltage of your choice)
Isolation :-    5KVDC to 400KVDC 

Leakage Current : <= 50micro Amps at the maximum Working Voltage

Please contact us for Special Transformers as we derive great pleasure in designing New Transformers. All our Transformers are Vaccum moulded and processed under Vaccum. Maximum Transformers are used for Industrial as well as Research Purposes.

Kindly contact us for specific requirement