Zeonics Systech Defence & Aerospace Engineers (P) Ltd


High Voltage Power Supplies

Zeonics Systech has been manufacturing H.V. Power Supplies ever since its inception 20 years back and have specialised in H.V. Power Supplies of several types. We have manufactured Power Supplies up to 1000KVDC and please find herewith our standard Models as follows.  

Type Input Output KVDC Output Current Available
ZE/HVPS/20 230Volts/110Volts   0 to 20 10,25,50,100 mA
ZE/HVPS/25  230Volts/110Volts  0 to 25 10,25,50,100 mA 
ZE/HVPS/40  230Volts/110Volts  0 to 40 10,25,50,100 mA 
ZE/HVPS/50 230Volts/110Volts   0 to 50 10,25,50,100 mA
ZE/HVPS/60 230Volts/110Volts 0 to 60 10,25,50 mA
 ZE/HVPS/100 230Volts/110Volts   0 to 100 10,25 mA  
  ZE/HVPS/200   230Volts/110Volts   0 to 200 10 mA  
 ZE/HVPS/300 230Volts/110Volts   0 to 300   5 mA  
 ZE/HVPS/400 230Volts/110Volts   0 to 400 5 mA
  ZE/HVPS/500  230Volts/110Volts   0 to 500   3 mA  
   ZE/HVPS/1000 230Volts/110Volts     0 to 1000   1 mA  

All  the  above  mentioned power supplies  have  several  built  in features like overload protection, short circuit protection, Over load trip,  Kilovolt metering on a Digital Panel  Meter  and  also  current  monitoring. All the power supplies are  calibrated   using   standard   K.V. Meters   and   their  accuracy  is +/- 2%. Power Supplies apart from the  Models on top are also available. Please send us your details.

Kindly contact us for specific requirement