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High Voltage Multiplier Assemblies

At Zeonics Systech we have been manufacturing high voltage assemblies up to 1Million Volts.  These assemblies can generate voltages in the order of 1 Million Volts. Standard System are available with different outputs to suit Customer Requirements.

Type of Frequency Output Voltage  No Load Output Voltage Full Load  Full Load  Current Inverter Input (KVAC)   Input frequency
ZE/HVA/5/25  40KVDC 25  5 mA 5  20kHz,+/- 5KHz
ZE/HVA/5/30  45KVDC 30 5 mA  5  20kHz,+/- 5KHz
ZE/HVA/5/40  70KVDC 40   5 mA 5 20kHz,+/- 5KHz
ZE/HVA/10/50  100KVDC 50 5 mA 10 20kHz,+/-  5KHz  
ZE/HVA/10/80  140KVDC 80 3 mA 10 20kHz,+/- 5KHz
ZE/HVA/10/100  220KVDC 100  3 mA 10 20kHz,+/- 5KHz
ZE/HVA/20/200  350KVDC 200 3 mA  20 20kHz,+/- 5KHz
ZE/HVA/25/500  700KVDC 500 1 mA 25 20kHz,+/- 5KHz
ZE/HVA/40/1000  1400KVDC 1000 500microA  40 20kHz,+/- 5KHz

The Input has to be given through a high frequency Inverter with a suitable AC output of  5KV to 40KVAC at 20 to 25kHz  If the Inverter has only a low voltage output then we can supply to you a suitable Transformer for this application. Kindly contact us  with your requirements. All the H.V. Multipliers are fixed and installed on a parallely mounted  and moulded system .The complete Assembly is filled with Gas in a sealed Fibre Glass Enclosure with a suitable Gas filling arrangement. The Input terminals are normally marked as X and Y for connecting a required H.V. H.F. transformer connections with each assembly. The required frequency and High Voltage capability of the Transformer is also mentioned.

Kindly contact us for specific requirement