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High Voltage Dividers

We at Zeonics Systech manufacture a wide variety of A.C. and D.C. Dividers. Essentially  A.C. Dividers are Capacitive in nature and D.C. are Resistive in nature.


Type Wkg. VoltageD.C  Ratio H.V.Leakage Current  Measurement Max.Output at Max.K.V
ZE/VD/50 50KV 1000:1 <100micro Amps 3 1/2 digit DPM   LED Display   50V
ZE/VD/100 100KV  1000:1 <100micro Amps 3 1/2 digit DPM LED Display   100V
ZE/VD/200 200KV 1000:1 <100micro Amps 3 1/2 digit DPM LED Display 200V
ZE/VD/300 300KV 1000:1 <100micro Amps 3 1/2 digit DPM LED Display 300V
ZE/VD/400 400KV 1000:1 <100micro Amps 3 1/2 digit DPM LED Display 400V
All the above dividers are Bench top Models with suitable Anticorona Spheres of  required Diameter. The Output is directly displayed on  the  Panel meter with a  measuring accuracy of +/- 2%. All the meters are operated on 9Volt Batteries for ease of operation, total  Isolation and safety.

A.C Dividers Max.applied Voltage Test Voltage H.V. Limb  L.V. Limb  Ratio  
@60Hz Extra  Capacitor Capacitor
ZE/VD/AC/50 50KV 20%  100pf 100nf 1000:1
ZE/VD/AC/100  100KV  20% 100pf 100nf 1000:1 
ZE/VD/AC/150 150KV  20% 100pf 100nf  1000:1 
ZE/VD/AC/220 220KV 20% 100pf 100nf 1000:1

The above A.C dividers are all available either  in oil filled version or  Gas filled  version  depending on  the Voltage Catagory as well as Insulation level and applications. Ruggedised Military Dividers are also available on special request. We also manufacture Gas filled Voltage dividers for Higher voltage stresses. Kindly contact us for specific dividers  and we can design the same for you.

Our speciality is rugged moulded Military Voltage divider probes for Radar, Missiles application.

 Kindly contact us for specific requirement.