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High Voltage Connectors

INTRODUCTION: Due to the Continous in house Requirement of high voltage connections, in  Reliable Equipment.  We  at   'Zeonics Systech'  developed  In  house  several  types  of  H.V.  Connectors  which  could be used for different  Applications.  These connectors are of different types as listed below under separate Categories.

a) Insulated Connectors
b) Metal Connectors
c) Special Connectors
a) Insulated Connectors

This variety of connectors are developed in house for our own requirements to be used in certain critical projects for which you are using  the same. They  are  Exclusively  made   from a Proprietary Polymer having  very high Impact Strength as  well  as  Excellent  electrical   properties.  All the   connectors  developed  are  as  per our  own  specification  to  be  used  for  special   applications  and   are  an  Excellent Connecting  method  for  the   Scientist,  Hobbyish  Experimentalist  and  Students. These  connectors also Qualify for lot of other capabilities as listed in the Qualification layout shown herewith.

Qualification Layout
1. Operation Temperature   -20Degree Centigrade to  +85Degree Centigrade
2. Maximum Insertion Cycles Guaranteed - 5000 times.
3. Maximum RH @ 40Degree Centigrade - 85% RH and on special request 95% can be achieved.
4. All  connectors  above  35KV  are  to  be  of oil  immersed   type  (Please note)
5. All  rubber components  are  nitrite  rubber  or as  per  requirement  of  the customers on special request. Nitrite, silicone can also be used.
6. All connectors can be used up to a height of 3000mtrs above mean sea level.
7. All the connectors can be supplied with suitable H.V. Cable connectors attached to the body.
8. All the connectors are provided with Anti Corona sphere for ratings above 35KVDC.


Metal connectors :
All the above specs as given in Qualification Layout have further EMI RFI Protection due to its metal Composition
c) Special Connectors

2Pin 25KV Connectors : Hermetically Sealed 2Pin Connector casing is manufactured using polymer material  and  also Silicon  Rubber   Inserts with  Gold  Plated  spring  contact  pins  and  cable  holding clamps with Stainless Steel Fasteners.

1. Working Voltage       : 22KVDC
2. Test Voltage             : 25KVDC
3. Continuous Current   : 10Amperes
4. Peak Current            : 20KA
5. Max Temperature      : 85'C
6. Min Temperature       : -10'C
7. Receptable Diameter : 36mm
8. Overall Diameter        : 65mm

Silicon In Line Connectors
Type Max. Working Voltage in KV Type Max.Current Max. Peak Current Pin
002 15 Single Pin 20A 10KA Beryllium Copper Gold Plated
003 25 Single Pin 20A 10KA 20 microns
004 45 Two Pin 20A 10KA -
005 60 Single Pin 20A 10KA -
Minimum Temperature :   -50 degree C
Maximum Temperature :  +125 degree C

Kindly contact us for specific requirement