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High Voltage Cables

Zeonics Systech manufactures several types of plain High Voltage Cables used for D.C. and A.C.Applications, the   maximum   Voltages available  are  200KVDC and starts from 10KVDC.The standard   Cables and   Wires come in   lengths of  25meters unless  otherwise  specified, Lengths of 100meters can also be provided.   All the Cables are tested for its full specification and accompanies a certificate of  conformance with the  supplies.  Minimum quantity is 25meters subject to size and specs.

Type  Typical Diameter  Min.Bending
Current Capacity Continuous Material Conductor
ZEC/25  <4mm  50mm 3A PE ATC
ZEC/35 <5mm 50mm 5A PE ATC
ZEC/72 <8mm 100mm  10A PE ATC
ZEC/100 <15mm 150mm 10A PE ATC
ZEC/150 <20mm  200mm 10A PE ATC
ZEC/200 <28mm 300mm 10A PE ATC

We also manufacture Low Inductance Cables for 25KV and 35KV Applications used as Load lines, in certain critical applications of Missile Stage Separation, Detonation Experimentation.

ATC - All Tinned Copper 
PE - Polyethelene. 

These cables can also be supplied in cable harnesses with suitable High Voltage Connectors connected on both sides.   

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