Zeonics Systech Defence & Aerospace Engineers (P) Ltd

Delay Lines & PFN's (Pulse Forming Network)

Zeonics Systech strictly designs PFN’s as per customer specifications. We prefer our customers to specify the Capacitance and Inductance Value of the PFN and stages to enable us to design and manufacture the same. We also manufacture Delay Lines as a completely wound Non Inductive Coaxial type delay lines which is duly moulded for sufficient Voltage application. The  typical  Voltages for Pulse   forming   Networks  and  Delay  Lines  are in the  region of  10KV to 100KV. Standard  delay  lines are  supplied in castor oil  immersed tanks, with all the Capacitors as well as  Inductors immersed  in oil and  connected accordingly.  We  also supply  Pulse  Forming line  Capacitors   in the 20nano henry Category for  large  Voltages  of   upto  100K.V.D.C. Kindly inform us about your specific requirement of Delay Lines, Pulse  forming Networks  with individual data like Values etc

We specialise in PFN components like Inductors, Capacitors as well as specialised tools with feedthrought.

Kindly contact us for specific requirement